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Modern machine, with an attractive design and performance at the top of its category.
Designed for those who are particularly attentive to their budget and are looking for a simple, innovative lawnmower with excellent quality and competitive price.
The steel body guarantees maximum versatility: it is in fact perfect both for the classic "cut with collection", as well as for mulching and rear discharge to the ground. In addition, the footprint of the wheels remains within the width of the body itself: this allows you to easily finish even near edges, curbs and walls.
The 158 cc engine, the large basket, the foldable handlebars, the 2-point cutting height adjustment and the water connection complete the features of this machine.
Try it: the results will surprise you!

Technical features:

Cutting width cm. 42
Self-propelled single-speed model
158 cc Briggs & Stratton 500 series petrol engine
Painted steel shell
Cutting with collection + Mulching

632770870396337881_Zoom1_funz_Mulching_100.jpg Mulching mower cut
Mulching is the cutting system of the future because it allows you to save up to 40% of working time: the cut grass, in fact, is instantly shredded and redistributed on the lawn, without being collected.
633707469217508992_attacco-acqua_100.jpgUnderbody cleaning
Washing the underbody is important to keep the machine's performance unaltered. But on the new IDEA it is no longer a problem! Thanks to a special quick coupling it is possible to insert a water barrel and clean the machine thoroughly without any effort.
633710042853979584_idea-alto_100.jpgPerfect finishes
On all IDEA models, the footprint of the wheels is within the width of the body itself. In this way the blade can easily reach the parts near edges, curbs and walls, allowing a perfect finish without having to "go over" with other tools.
633710050369786784_idea-sotto_100.jpgRobust axles
The new IDEAs are very robust. Thanks to the reinforced axles, the wheels are interconnected and any shocks are absorbed over their entire length.
633710047987461168_CESTO-full_100.jpgLarge collection
The large basket allows you to collect a large amount of grass and, consequently, to reduce the number of emptyings needed. It passes easily between the handlebars, facilitating the hooking / unhooking maneuvers. Furthermore, it has a large opening that allows you to download its contents quickly.
633710059790633296_idea-reg-h-cut_100.jpgCutting height
Adjusting the cutting height is easy and intuitive. Two ergonomic knobs on the 2 axles allow you to vary the cut from 24 to 76 mm.
633711599592265344_idea-stegola_100.jpgFoldable handles
The handles can be folded completely. In this way the dimensions are reduced to a minimum and the machine can be easily stored even in confined spaces.

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