BIOVENTIS disabituante for slugs and snails KG. 1
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BIOVENTIS disabituante for slugs and snails KG. 1

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BIOVENTIS disabituante for slime snails and snails KG. 1

  • Bioventis Natural Barrier: disaccustomer for snails, slugs and snails
  • Line: Nutrition and CarePower enhancers and natural invigoratingProtection and Care
  • Bioventis Natural Barrier Snail Disaccustomer is the natural solution to keep snails, slugs and snails away from plants in the vegetable garden and garden.
  • It is a product composed of granules that when applied to the ground create an unwelcome barrier to snails.
  • BIOVENTIS DISABLING FOR SNAILS, LIMACCE AND CHIOCCIOLE is a natural product of mineral origin, composed of sepiolite, a silicate that is characterized by its high absorbency.
  • Drying the water from the soil creates a dry layer, unpleasant to snails and slugs which, to avoid dehydration, move away.
  • Safe for pets and wild animals
  • For vegetable gardens, gardens, flower beds and ornamental lawns
  • Ready to use
  • It can be used all year round, once a month. In case of rain every two weeks.
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