AQUADROP PERFORATED HOSE D / 16 mm. 08 MIL 30cm. 2.1L / h COIL
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AQUADROP PERFORATED HOSE D / 16 mm. 08 MIL 30cm. 2.1L / h COIL OF mt. 2500

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AQUADROP PERFORATED HOSE D / 16 mm. 08 MIL 30cm. 2L / h COIL OF mt. 2500

AQUADROP® is a hose with flat drip designed for irrigation in open fields or in greenhouses.

Ideal for vegetable crops such as watermelons, melons, strawberries, courgettes, peppers, aubergines, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, etc., and flower crops such as gerberas, roses, carnations, etc.

The new and innovative drip tray has been designed with a double protection system to ensure high resistance to clogging.

The active system blocks suspended particles in the water, while the turbulent system reduces the build-up of deposits inside the drip labyrinth.


Nominal diameter 16 mm

Thickness 8 mil 0.20 mm

Max working pressure D / 16 mm 0.80 bar 0.90 bar 1.00 bar 1.20 bar 1.40 bar 1.60 bar 1.80 bar 2.00 bar

Nominal flow rate (1.0 bar) 1.10 * - 1.30 - 1.60 - 2.10 - 4.50 l / h 1.30 - 2.20 l / h

Distance drop 30 cm

Reel length 2300

Recommended filtration 120 mesh - 130 microns


Surface or lightly buried irrigation of crops.

Low installation and maintenance costs.

Uniformity of delivery over long distances.

High resistance to clogging.

Internal filters that prevent particles from entering the drip tray.

Blue stripe to indicate the laying upwards on the ground.

High resistance to UV rays.

Warranty from 1 to 5 years depending on the thickness.

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