Cropper extracts of seaweed Ascophillum Nodosum allowed in organic farming kg. 1
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Cropper extracts of seaweed Ascophillum Nodosum allowed in organic farming kg. 1

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Ascophillum Nodosum seaweed extracts allowed in organic farming kg. 1


Algae extract in solid form



Organic Nitrogen (N): 1%

Potassium oxide (K₂O) soluble in water: 19%

Betaine: 0.1%

Mannitol: 4%

Carbon (C) of biological origin: 20%


CROPPER is a very pure extract of algae of the Ascophillum Nodosum genus, readily assimilable by plants.

The product consists of organic, natural, colloidal substance, non-toxic to plants, animals and humans.

CROPPER exercises various actions in plants such as: physical action, the sprayed plants, from the first leaflets, form a film on the leaf with a protective function against adverse weather conditions, reduces transpiration allowing the plant a greater use of energy and reserves useful for the functions growth metabolites; chemical action, the function of stimulator and catalyst allows a greater absorption of the nutrients present in the soil; biological action, allows the plants to carry out their vegetative activity; phytosanitary action, allows a better natural defense against parasites, cryptogams and various external agents.

Therefore CROPPER determines, on the treated plants, an increase in plant production, a better resistance of the herbaceous tissues, a more intense coloring of the flowers and fruits, anticipates flowering and harvesting, increases the production of the crop, reduces the incidence of attacks parasitic and environmental adversities.

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